Heavy Hitters Keep Lining Up

Al Gore’s Movie kicked off a summer of higher-than-usual general attention to climate change, and the oil/gas price increases have kept the issue closer than usual to the front of the collective mind.  Now, the Economist and Scientific American are keeping up the chatter.  It’s gratifying to see, because when any other magazine runs a story, you can’t help but wonder if it’s been pasteurized by dimwitted focus groups and consultants.  These two stand out from the pack in terms of legitimacy and substance, so it’s great to see them both put climate change on the cover.

The Economist article won’t feel like a motivational essay, with its “we’re still not totally sold on the science but we’re too scared by the danger to ignore it” point of view, but that’s emblematic, probably, of the attitude of a lot of former skeptics who are no longer fighting the obvious.  Greens and activists couldn’t ask for better press, considering the audience that’ll read it. 

Crucially, it joins the chorus calling on the USA to lead the way in curbing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Scientific American spills so much ink on the topic that it makes even the Economist’s article look like a 3rd-grade book report.  So it’s gonna get its own post!


One Response to Heavy Hitters Keep Lining Up

  1. revmanny says:

    The Economist on point in such a way that it’s almost stunning to think its an English Language publication. Predictably, its written in England.

    Thanks for the excellent links. Truly dug both pieces..

    -Rev Manny

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