Is Drudge Softening?

Matt Drudge, of the ever-famous Drudge Report (we’re throwing in a link for him because, you know, he’s not getting much traffic), might just be softening his stance on global warming.  

He usually treats climate change as a farce, dreamt up by liberal hippie guiltmongers who hate freedom, and America, and the troops.  He never used to miss a chance to cast doubt on it.  He took advantage of every cold snap, early/late snowstorm or low thermometer reading, posting it on the top of the page in bold red type.  Climate change warnings usually got ignored, or paired with a pshaw!-type rebuttal.  “Polar Bears Like It Hot?!”  wouldn’t surprise us out of the old Matt.

But lately, he’s been slipping.  We can’t tell why — either he’s off his hitman game, or if he’s having a change of heart.  On the day after surprisingly early snows dropped up to two feet on Detroit, Buffalo, and Chicago, it caught our eye that he let this story about the huge cost of indifference go on his site without playing the snowstorms against it.

Have we a convert?  Come toward the light, Matt! 

All Are Welcome.


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