All Your CO2 Are Belong to Slate!

P(re).S.: If you find the title confusing, you officially fail video-game history class.  Dust off the NES, and go save the Princess!  Seriously, it’s Friday night, and you know you have the time.

Slate’s rockin’ the go-green how-to here.  So no more excuses!  If this house isn’t greened up when your mother gets home….

We’re good at getting long-winded about this sort of thing, but if you’ve ever encountered this blog, you probably already know that, um, global warming is bad.  We signed up with Slate’s program, figuring we were pros and chuckling, “we’ll take your silly little quiz,” but some things tripped us up — we can’t control our heat (apartment) and we don’t line-dry anything.  Plus, even mass transit isn’t a free pass on impact (though it’s a lot better than using your car all day).  So you probably can’t zero yourself out, BUT that’s okay because we wrote up on offsetting, so scroll down if you missed it!  The Dave Matthews Band has been carbon-offsetting its tour impact for years now.

Something else we like: Sinead belting out an anthem here


One Response to All Your CO2 Are Belong to Slate!

  1. Lauren says:

    Genuinely when someone doesn’t know then its up to other viewers that they will assist, so here it occurs.

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