Rupert Murdoch Downgrades to Half-Crazy, Half-Deluded

(Get Out And Vote!  Do It!  No Excuses!)

 Tycoons, genuine captains of industry, are fewer and further between than during the heady days of Rockefeller, Carnegie, and their three-piece crowd.  Those who are left don’t always seem to have steel-trap minds.  But some things (like the danger posed by global warming) are proving themselves obvious to pretty much everybody, regardless of their political background or whether or not they’ve ever put their own silverware on a table. 

ABC picked up an interview with Rupert Murdoch from the AFP, in which Murdoch describes how he now believes it’s time for action on greenhouse gas curbs.  He doesn’t like the Kyoto Protocol but thinks an alternate agreement, that “brings in emerging economies”, should be pursued.  (Translation: He’s all for real progress — really, it’s great — but no tycoon ever hands over a competitive advantage to somebody just because their stupid country likes to indulge in more economy-destroying dictatorships than the Brits do.) 

He also said BSkyB, skippered by his son James, is working toward carbon neutrality in its operations. 


One Response to Rupert Murdoch Downgrades to Half-Crazy, Half-Deluded

  1. The Glenn Beck Review says:

    Murdoch is “green” while his Fox spews garbage. I have a post up this weekend about Rupert Murdoch that may interest you. When I found the information, my eyes popped out.

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