Your Tax Dollars Go A’Pillaging

Supreme Court front

Happy Thanksgiving!  Belated, we know.  We hope you had a great holiday.  On to the post! 

Our federal government (usually so conscientious as to be above criticism) has been all over the green news lately, and sadly, the Feds are the bad guys each time around. 

States fought with the EPA in a Supreme-Court Smackdown over whether car exhaust gets covered by the Clean Air Act.  Of course, it wouldn’t be a Supreme Court case without a lot of dry, byzantine details, but basically the EPA uses the classic “science schmience” argument to get out of regulating auto tailpipe emissions.  The court is split, with Anthony Kennedy, a moderate Clinton appointee, expected to tip the scales. 

The Guvmint’s also opposing a cap-and-trade setup for commercial airliner emissions, and demanding less pollution reporting from companies.  And of course, there are no new CAFE standards coming around, are there?

The EPA has become the most ironically-named agency in our government, as it works hard to defang itself through deregulation and idle itself through non-enforcement.  Perhaps the Democrats will force the administration to soften its stance, but we’ll believe it when we see it!


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