He Doesn’t Just Marry Horsey-Lookin’ British Dames

That Hat is Ridiculous.  Poor Bird

Prince Charles, sure, he’s easy to pick on.  We went searching for a picture of him and, frankly, the chuckles just kept coming.  It’s can’t-miss entertainment — go ahead and treat yourself, we’ll wait.

Had fun?  Good.  Now wipe that smile off your face, because the man’s a bona fide crusader for the Earth. 

Our Man in Cornwall has put a big chunk of the 13.2 million pounds he earns annually from rents on his property toward building his vision for the cities of the future: walkable, mixed-use places where travel times are small and cars are optional.  It’s called Poundbury (how British) and it looks like this:

Poundbury by Helicopter

So is this visionary environmentalism?  Or is it just another Neverland Ranch, only more genteel?

Take heart — it’s the real deal.  Urban design is where the big green gains get made!  Energy for buildings and homes is the source of about half of all greenhouse gases coming from the US.  Joined buildings, or well-designed buildings (see our post on DC’s new building regs below) are more efficient.  Cities built around the car (low density and suburb-heavy) force people into long commutes, higher costs of living, and dirty air.  They chew up land for new development and lock their population into a lifestyle that contributes to oil dependency and accelerates global warming. 

  • Check out the Prince
  • Seaside, Florida was a pioneering project that has inspired transit-oriented efforts around the country — you saw it in the Truman Show
  • Charles holds forth on fossil-fuel habits, meets Al Gore
  • And he gives up the private planes, jags, land rovers, helicopter rides, etc.

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