Monday Rundown

Get used to it

Okay, not all of this news is brand new, but you might have missed it —

  • Global warming is here, and it’s wrecking ski season and lots of India. The upshot: too much rain, not enough snow.
  • Even Toyota’s most expensive luxury car (the optional “executive seating package” should tune you in to who the target market is) gets 30 MPG highway. No joke — it actually beats the EPA’s estimate. They do it with an 8-speed transmission, so the car’s running low RPM’s at pretty much any speed. So for comparison, how does GM do? Cadillac’s boat gets 21 on the highway. And Ford? The Town Car gets 25, and as far as Chrysler, the PT Cruiser can’t even get 30 on the highway, let alone its big cars. Anybody else absolutely out of patience with the Big Three?
  • Bush’s backslapper friends once again get him to do them favors. This time it’s Bristol Bay, not ANWR, because though the stage may change, the plot is timeless.

But lest the acrid taste of outrage sour our fair readers’ tastes, there is also the “Success Stories” section of the Green News, so you’ll be uplifted after the break!

  • Brazil, despite President Lula da Silva’s past pro-farmer permissiveness on deforestation, has set aside lots of amazonia for protection. This is big: according to the NYT article, it protects “more than 25 percent of the world’s remaining humid tropical forests and the largest remaining unpolluted fresh water reserves in the American tropics. The protected areas will link to existing reserves to form a vast preservation corridor eventually stretching into neighboring Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.” The only negative: the biggest deforestation damage is being done elsewhere, so this is a little like locking the door as they come in through the window.
  • Conservation International put up $1M as part of the Brazil deal, or about what it takes to buy a closet on Madison Avenue. (Wow: you can trade 74 square feet in Manhattan for a jungle the size of Alabama.)
  • If that only took a million bucks, what could the next million do?
  • The US Interior Department is getting called on the carpet by the GAO for its agency-capture ways. Administrative-law judges are positively awake with anticipation! Okay, it ain’t as cool as charismatic megafauna, but environmentally, it’s probably much more important.

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  1. […] a link back to my own article on how just redesigning the transmission already gives a huge luxury sedan 30+ mpg on the highway. […]

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