Just Catching Up!

Norwegian Seed Redoubt

We know, we know: we’ve had little to say lately — we’ve been under a rock lately, because that’s where you go to study for the bar exam — but there is, of course, plenty of news. Here’s a smattering from the past couple of weeks (and if you’re jonesin’ to get your wonk on, the feeds on the right should set you up nicely):

Richard Branson is squaring the circle — running an airline and fighting global warming. (Never mind that air travel is probably the hardest knot to undo in untangling ourselves from CO2 production.) And he’s doing it old-school: offering a fat prize to the first to figure out how we actually scrub CO2 out of the air.

Meanwhile, we must bury nature in order to save it.

Our legislators show their inherent character and respect for informed input in their pillorying of an administration scientist from NOAA. Disrespect for those who actually know what they’re talking about is at the heart of a lot of problems, c’est vrai?

And Ellen Goodman wrote an interesting review of American political divide’s impact on our approach to climate change. The Pew polls are something else in that one — they prove a college education is no antidote against the persuasivenes of your chosen political ideology. 25% of college-educated republicans think human activity contributes to any warming, and 73% of democrats do. As proof of the power of politics, the Times of London ran this grasping-at-straws article by a fellow who found a cold spot (in Antarctica, of all places!) and so now he sees through the global-warming myth.

On the other hand, the NYT has an essay about how the “debate” is really over anymore and nobody even uses the old “so much for global warming” joke on snow days anymore. So who’s right? Are we still playing a tug-of-war over public opinion? Or have the greens won out? Could be our two differing editorialists are on opposite sides of that Pew poll.

(Our question for the doubters is, and will always be: why would anyone make it up? Environmentalists had enough to worry about before climate change — biodiversity, clean groundwater, clean drinking water, clean air, environmental justice, and food safety standards, just to scratch the surface. We didn’t need another issue. Also, isn’t saying ‘the jury’s still out” a lot like your insurance company saying “we can’t pay you yet, we’re still investigating the claim“?)

We wish you happy Februaries — our noses return to the law books! Enjoy your cold snap, but no complaining unless you live under eleven feet of lake-effect snow like those forsaken New Yorkers.


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