A REAL Silent Spring, and a Fork in the Road

The bees you don’t hear are the ones that really sting.

On the energy debate, the Big Mo is gathering behind ethanol.  The ethanol contenders are several but Big Mo has a favorite there too: Corn Ethanol.  This harebrained boondoggle is barely better than Amoco Ultimate, but it is the love child of various special interests, so we can expect a serious push to make it part of our new reality. 

This blog is gonna embark on all the reasons why corn ethanol is about as good an idea as the proverbial screen door on a submarine.  We’ll start here with #1.  It’s gonna take a while and we’ll keep the other news coming too, but check back and see just how high the number gets.

Obscure Environmentalist of the Day: Edward O. Wilson.


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