Men are from Do-It; Women are from Talk-About-It?

Like a time capsule from the 50’s, the Washington Post gives us the Wife Test.  Men should apparently talk to their wives before just screwing little fluorescent bulbs into sockets all over the house (especially in womanly havens such as the bedroom and bathroom). 

In return, wives are asked to touch up their makeup before the men get home and to please have their slippers ready.   

Gettin’ all serious though, a progressive movement is encountering an obstacle in a pillar of conservative nostalgia: the nesting wife who handles the home.  Men are buying CFL’s but women are refusing to accept them, however concerned they may be about global warming. 

Environmentalism has always looked popular but carried frustratingly little weight.  Oft-cited numbers tell us that 80% of the country considers itself concerned about this issue or that, or that half the country goes hiking.  These numbers have never translated into commitment; we are a country that yells at the TV without getting off the couch. 

The numbers on CFL’s prove it: Germans and Japanese have basically made the switch, but here in the USA, the mainstream isn’t buying.  And apparently women are especially unwilling.  What’s up?

Ladies, let us know — what’s the deal?


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One Response to Men are from Do-It; Women are from Talk-About-It?

  1. Lady #34536788 says:

    It’s kind of because I’m going blind and kind of because the home lighting effects can be depressing. I like a good warm light. But I suppose I really need a brighter CFL because my vision is getting worse. Hmmmm….

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