Al Gore with Both Barrels; Governator Supports Mad Green Hoonage

Al Gore’s much better off (and much more entertaining) when he’s not a candidate.  We all saw what he was like on the campaign trail, and frankly, eh.  Freed from the shackles of the cowardly DLC, he gets to hand out verbal pimpslappin’s like he just did yesterday.  Canadian Tories (they’re the conservatives, for all those not reading the Ottawa Citizen) handed out their faux greenhouse-gas-reduction plan, and Gore stuffed it hard

Al’s main problem is that the plan says it wants to reduce total CO2 emissions, but actually makes it possible for industries to emit more.  See, as a polluter grows, the Canadian plan allows it to emit more gases, just as long as each individual source of CO2 emits a little less.  It’s called “intensity reduction”.  Considering Canada’s a fast-growing country with policies that actually encourages immigration and seeks rapid growth, the worry over greater total CO2 numbers is a real concern under this plan (especially from power generators).

It’s like telling your dog to take one less dump on the carpet every week, but then letting a lot more dogs into the house and holding each one to the 6-per-week cap.  The total landmine count is what we’re really concerned about, no matter how much you focus on the per-dog numbers. 

Meanwhile, ARNOLD carjacked an episode of Pimp My Ride on Sunday.  Judging by the faces, it looked like MTV made the “Guys at GAS” do the show, but it still worked out all right.  The result was hoon happiness: an 800HP diesel engine with, like, a jet transmission or something.  It can go 0-60 in four seconds, with time left over to cook breakfast.  

DrudgeWatch: (wow, just after we started this, Drudge pulled all the global-warming articles off his site.  Did he just decide to quit the topic?  We’ll keep checking.)

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