Ethanol is Crap; and the Gideons bow before Al Gore now

We hate ethanol. 

Okay, we don’t hate it hate it, but if there was such a thing as American Idol for alternative energy, corn ethanol would be the William Hung candidate.  Everybody got excited for a second, but when they sobered up and realized somebody signed an incomprehensible physics TA to a recording deal….  Textbook case of taking that impulse too far.

Corn ethanol, like William Hung, has only its novelty and shamelessness to recommend it.

This blog is going to point out all the reasons why we should make sure corn ethanol is never a pillar of our energy supply.  We’ll take it on one reason per day, and at that rate we’ll be at it for a while.  If you haven’t seen your reason yet, put it in a comment, but we’ll get to it, don’t worry.  On the other hand, if you loooove the stuff, feel free to flame us, but we bet we can break down pretty much any argument you’ve got for it. 

Reason #1 Why Ethanol Sucks: It won’t reduce greenhouse gas generation.

Seriously, by the time you grow it (combines and harvesters take diesel), transport it (more diesel), process it (ever been around an oil refinery?  It’s like that), transport the fuel (come on, diesel!), and then finally burn it out of your tailpipe, where it too emits CO2 (did we mention your mileage goes down?), the result is, like, 2% less CO2 than regular gas. 

The whole “clean-burning” thing is a sham, courtesy of ADM, Cargill, and the guys born in Iowa who now work on K Street.

DrudgeWatch: (The intensive coverage of past weeks is still absent; one story entitled Al Gore evicted Jesus counts double in the bad-press category, because a) it got the oh-my-god red font, and b) the story’s actually about green hotels, and Drudge went with the gratuitous culture-wars caption)

  • Good Press: 1
  • Bad Press: 3

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