Rupert Murdoch Converts! and DrudgeWatch news

Read it.  And read it again!

Wow — can every Thursday be “Good-News Thursday” from now on?

Rupert Murdoch is often maligned as the overlord puppeteer of Fox News, whose network has famously hosted global-warming skeptics and regularly dismissed the “hysterical left” perspective on most environmental issues.

But he has announced that his company will make dramatic changes to get as close as it can to carbon-neutral in just 3 years.

Three years! By his own accounting, News Corp is responsible for over 641,000 tons of CO2 emissions every year. The transformation of such a large company’s energy usage, on such a massive scale, in such a short window, would be unprecedented if it happens. It will immediately be either a shining demonstration of corporate activism, or an outstanding display of big, empty talk.

Apparently this has been partly inspired by Murdoch’s recent trips to his Australian birthplace, where he saw the drought that’s devastating the farm community down under. But the switch isn’t really that sudden: Fox News was criticized from the right a year ago by not showing utter loyalty to the global-warming-denial camp. The Competitive Enterprise Institute (they bring us the “CO2 is Life!” campaign) called one report “unfathomable,” simply because it took climate change seriously.

Murdoch’s planned approach to the task looks like it was taken verbatim from an activist’s handbook: Seek all possible energy-efficiency options, make use of alternative energy sources, and buy offsets as a last resort if they can’t completely zero out their carbon emissions through the first two steps. (That’s important — considering there’s no serious auditing of carbon-offset vendors, we all have to take offsetting with a big grain of salt for now.)

On to DrudgeWatch, where there’s more good news:

  • Good press: 6
  • Bad press: 0
  • Other: 2

Over the past week, the Drudge Report had gone quiet on global-warming articles, with occasional bursts of skeptical coverage. We were confused, almost hurt; he was giving us such favorable coverage for a while there.

But he came back strong for us today — he linked to stories on record temperatures, water shortages from reduced snowfall and less snowmelt to fill reservoirs, and an editorial on how gas prices will hopefully spur us to get detached from oil as a fuel. He gets a couple of bonus points for covering Murdoch’s big speech.


One Response to Rupert Murdoch Converts! and DrudgeWatch news

  1. mrosner says:

    you’ll find my comments about alternative energy interesting… taken from a holistic viewpoint of course 🙂

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