Bloomberg is Totally Gonna Out-RunForPresident Giuliani

Energy policy is hot. Anybody who wants to be anybody uses the energy card to get in the door.  (For now — we hope it stays that way!)

For example, since when does the mayor of NYC fly to Houston (not one of the 5 boroughs, at last check) to announce a national energy policy?

When he’s running for President, that’s when.

(Update: on a related note, Fred Thompson is quitting Law and Order.  Take what you want from that little tidbit.)

If one policy announcement isn’t enough to make you wonder, then consider he also used the pulpit to slam anyone whose energy policy has climate-protection benchmarks that are further away than his 2030 benchmarks.

Guess who’s got further-away benchmarks? Two point five Democratic Presidential candidates (Obama and Edwards, and Dodd somebody) and a Republican (McCain). He even used the time-honored “looks like politics as usual” attack — sly way of stepping into the political-outsider role, that.

Plus, he pulled the car cover off the old campaign website.

Never has such a crowded field looked so inviting, especially to a wealthy political chameleon with a (short) record of ahead-of-the-pack leadership.

He could run for either nomination — he freely admitted once that he only ran for mayor as a Republican because he could win it that way.

The Republican base is begging for an inspirational candidate, which the 13 Billion Dollar Man could be. Of course, they don’t like his pro-gun-control and pro-choice stances, but he can let the right wingers tire themselves out attacking Giuliani on that. By the time he announces, they won’t hit him half as hard.

(And besides, with big moderate states deciding the nomination this time around, we bet the world will find out that the hard right doesn’t work the door at the Chez Red State anymore.)

Or, the social liberal with the mad environmental platform could run as a Democrat. He was one before. Just as liberal as Obama, he’ll be a fresher face, ironically, than the Illinois Senator, who will have been in the news non-stop for a year by the primaries. He’s got no Iraq war albatross like Clinton, no tax-raising platform like Edwards. 

Dem primary voters might support a good platform, and forgive past Republicanism, far more than they support (or forgive) a non-apology on Iraq.

Normally we’d talk about a fundraising operation with any other candidate, but with his kind of money, is fundraising even necessary?  Couldn’t he just put an entire campaign on American Express?  Perhaps he’ll time his announcement around how much time he needs to build name recognition in big primary states. 

We’re betting on Bloomberg to run, and if he does, it’s anybody’s game. (Unless he got into the hookers; then, forget it.)


2 Responses to Bloomberg is Totally Gonna Out-RunForPresident Giuliani

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