Jerry Falwell Passes

First, it’s on again with Blackdrum! 

But our topic today: the passage of Jerry Falwell, a leading global-warming denier. 

Jerry Falwell did all he could to frame environmentalism, and particularly global warming activism, as a direct attack on Christianity supposedly orchestrated by Satan himself (we’re not making that up).  He also contributed to the conspiracy-theory argument that environmentalism is really a trojan horse for anti-capitalists and anti-Americans. 

His was the bending of religion to the yoke of partisan politics.  To him, the invisible hand was God’s hand, and Jesus was a firm supply-sider.  He was nominally a Christian leader, but to our minds his religious views were marshalled to serve a deeper faith — a less religious, more political ideology. 

This other ideology glorified a sepia-toned reminiscence about post-war prosperity into an example of how America had, for a moment, been just right.

He was a social conservative, and so he made God into one too.  He liked his Suburban, and probably his GM stock, and so environmentalism, which he perceived as a threat to those things, became Satanic. 

Jerry, we wish you had seen the truth, before you saw the light.  We’re sure you’re up there now, catching on.

Drudgewatch: (for the last couple days)

  • Good Press: 4 (Murdoch’s green, intelligence director says warming’s a problem, and high gas prices x2)
  • Bad Press: 0
  • Other: Laurie David wrote a book for kids.

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