Frankenstein and Werewolf get 35 mpg, on average

First, some green-car news:

  • All the big automakers are running anti-fuel-efficiency propaganda ads on TV now.  You know the line, it’s the old classic horror story: “Daddy, what was Grandma like before Congress put her into a tin-can Yugo and drove her off a cliff?”  Sober discourse, to be sure.
  • And they’re not done: we have it on good authority that GM is shopping around a screenplay for a remake of Christine, with a Prius in the title role.  (Trailer opens like this: “she’s so quiet….  I never — sniff — I never even heard her coming….
  • They’re afraid of a bill in the Senate that would push fleet averages to 35 mpg by 2020.  They say that means no more pickups, or vehicles safe enough for your kids.  But that’s a lie, which glosses over the fact that the bill covers fleet averages.  Not every vehicle would be held to the 35 mpg standard; they just have to average 35 mpg.  That means you can still have your 15-mpg F-150, but when 2020 rolls around, you’ll have to balance it out with two 45-mpg cars to get to the average.  The real casualty will be the low-mileage luxury SUV, which is an elective purchase, not the minivan or pickup.  But, since luxe SUV’s were the holy grail of retail profitability, the mere mention of fuel efficiency rules always throws the whole monkeyhouse into a cage-shaking, poop-throwing panic.
  • Treehugger and Jalopnik are running an every-Wednesday segment on green cars.  It’s called Perspective Shift; it’s a cool roundup of green-car news.  Plus, it’s Jalopnik, so scroll down and you can probably see some half-brained Croat try to jump a russian Opel off a barn roof.  And fail.  It’s totally funny, that dude gets creamed. 

Some Greenhouse Gas news:

It’s almost June — we’re gonna go see some trees!


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