You Ate Yesterday! That Corn’s for the Car!

Links from ’round the internet (“that’s the one with ‘e-mail’, right?”)

  • Soultek thinks it’s fishy that Toyota marching greenward with hybrids while marching lock-step with Detroit on fuel efficiency/global warming.  He’s right; it’s fishy. 
  • Well, not too fishy: the status quo has served Toyota well.  The more the Big 2.5 keep pushing your father’s Oldsmobile (literally), the longer ToMoCo can continue expanding its dominance without serious challenge.
  • From the department of not learning your lesson the first time, Harry Reid talks the same smack about CAFE standards that he talked about the Iraq Funding bill. 
  • Meanwhile, the 2008 Prius (spy shot!) has the chicken coop aflutter.  Looks like a lambo, apparently — but not the cool one — and runs on batteries from the future.  Seriously, tho: 80 mpg, say the rumors….
  • Saw this dude commuting thru DC traffic in his Suburban today.  Nobody else in the car, no stuff in it either.  At 31 gallons a tank, 14-15 mpg, and $3.25 gas….  I sure hope his stereo is nice.
  • But he shouldn’t worry, he can fill it with E-85!  Oh, wait, it’s a) unavailable outside of Iowa and b) gets 20% lower mileage.
  • Biofuels are dislocating food production — less barley means pricier lager and China’s government hit the brakes on biofuel production because prices for edible crops were ramping up.

That’s the problem with corn as a fuel: you can’t burn it and eat it, and there ain’t enough to do both. 


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