Endangered = over $20 a pound at Whole Foods

Today’s fun hits:

  • Time Mag photos the Governator and Mike Bloomberg (the Mayornator?) as they get their pose on.  Could be the cover art for Green Pimpin’ in Easter-Egg Ties, or a still from their new pilot about ER docs in natty suits.  Oh yeah, there’s an article to read too. 
  • Another federal judge stuffed the Bush-administration logic on environmental regs (yet again; that’s, like, 3 this week).  Turns out the endangered species act was designed to protect species.  Also turns out that despite the Bushies’ best arguments, converting a species from “wild” to “only exists on a dinner plate” doesn’t quite count as protecting. 
  • HOV lanes how have 15% more life-size dummies in passenger seats.
  • You yurt-loving geodesic-dome-owning hippies can get a table to match.  Plus, it’s a chance to fill any dead spots in the chatter with a delightful explanation about Buckminster Fuller!

More to come….


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