Lass post for dis blog LOLZ

Following links found between searches for LOLcatz:

  • Drudge is so sly — he’s back to his usual MO, which is to post a story about global warming ‘propaganda’ followed by whatever low-temperature stories it can dig up. Today, it’s 4th graders cruelly indoctrinated by America-hating teachers, paired with June snow in surprising places, like, the rockies. And in the mountains of Sweden. Snow! In the Rockies? And in the arctic circle? Clearly, global warming is all a lie, and this blog will shut down today in recognition of the plain and obvious truth. Where’s that Hummer dealership?
  • The NYT crowd apparently won’t buy any of Drudge’s crazy. NYT had the Energy-Hog story as its most-emailed for the past 3 days, till it got beat by the collapse of the internet.

Short post today! Happy Father’s day!


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