Pry My Solar Panels Outta My Cold, Dead Hands

See, now this is why alternative energy is important. 

Ed & Elaine Brown made a habit of sticking it to The Man come tax time every year, ’til they got convicted and sentenced for tax evasion.  Now, rather than do time, they’re holed up in their ‘compound’ and getting all “never-gonna-take-me-alive!”  SUV’s in the driveway, along with a strategically placed Kubota mini-backhoe are apparently all it takes to keep the ATF at bay.

You know what’s so great?  What’s so, so great is that they’re powering their little Waco II with home-grown electricity.

Ed Brown, a retired exterminator, and his wife, a dentist, have bragged that the compound is self-sufficient and capable of running entirely on solar, wind and geothermal energies.

Just wonderful.  We echo the thoughts of one fine resident of the otherwise not-loony town of Plainfield, NH:

Goddamn crazies.


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