Fun stuff we saw today:

  • You wanna little car, but you miss the mileage of your old SUV? Get a Chevy Aveo! Comes with manual transmission, sluggish acceleration, and parts that crunch and clang when you touch ’em.
  • Watching GM build small cars is like watching an obsessive hand-washer who’s forced to change a diaper. They just can’t wait to get out of the room and shake off the cooties.
  • Meanwhile, the Yaris, by do-we-really-have-to-say-who-makes-it, gets better praise. “Toyota wins. Again. Still.”
  • A little soylent green action at the Gas & Oil Expo (read: Satan’s minions awards banquet), where a coupla pranksters posed as Exxon execs and… well, you should read it.
  • Aussie company assembles energy-efficient homes, from pre-fab parts you can put together any old way. Great, ’cause when the dingo eats your baby, you can just unlatch the nursery and sell it on the secondary market. Quon (like Quonset huts but cooler — get it?) will be coming off a truck near you.

One Response to Heston-esque

  1. i have the aveo , why are you calling it the small car?

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