And God Made the Sun, and Said “Run Your Lightbulbs On It.”

Newsy stuff:

  • The 35-mpg bill that passed the Senate has a Scylla and Charybdis to deal with: the House (which courageously decided not to touch it for months) and the President (whose friends from the boardroom have always come first over any silly policy considerations).  Auto Blog Green heard it from the energy secretary
  • Comment on that: republican politicians are so much more skilled than democrats, that Dems can’t win a straight-up fight (see the war funding fight this spring), and can’t even win one with President Bush on their side (see the immigration uproar).  All this despite holding the majority in both houses.  So it’s fair to withhold jubilation over bills that take massive horse-trading just to get through the Senate.
  • BMW found a whole mess o’ ways to make cars fart out less CO2 over in Europe.  Apparently you can use technology to make engines more efficient.  Mind-blowing!
  • Following up on the BMW thing, we’ve learned that GM is racing a statement out, saying that because the US has so many corporate tax loopholes and the most business-friendly administration since Herbert Hoover, any such efficiency efforts are naturally impossible in the US market.  There there, Mr. Wagoner.  It’ll be all right.  Here’s your bear.
  • “Take the Red Pill, Neo.”  Where’s the ignition switch?  It’s in the back of your own head! 
  • He Who Sits Upon The Most Holy Throne Of Saint Peter Has Gone Solar.  Next, he will bless the locally-sourced, fair-trade sacrament.  Can the body of Christ be locally-sourced?  Is it okay to even ask that?  (Looking guiltily up at the sky.)  Still here; guess so.
  • Occurs to me that the environmental movement needs to aggressively re-brand itself as non-partisan, and shed its public image as a “liberal” cause.  As it is, there are tens of millions of conservatives struggling to handle the conflict between being environmentalist and staying true to their beliefs on abortion, “family values”, etc..  There’s no inherent conflict there, but they’re roadblocked from going green by the rock-hard assumption that environmentalism is a liberals-only cause.
  • Army Brass thinks global warming is a security threat.  The argument, short-hand: GW means water and food insecurity, which means political instability, which means insecure access to foreign resources and fertile breeding grounds for extremism and terrorism. 

That’s news to us.


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