Toyota Pays Al Gore III’s Bail, Buys Him Dinner

Okay okay, the incident with Al Gore’s kid raises Serious Issues — DUI, drugs, and the abuse of prescription meds, as well as the tortured, inside-the-fishbowl life lived by so many sons and daughters of our great citizens.

But when every news channel in the country told every TV watcher in the world that Al Gore’s kid got radared at 100+ in a Prius, you can be damn sure that quiet smiles were spreading all over ToMoCo’s front offices.

For every Responsible Person that worries over the kid’s rehab, there are three regular Joes going “wow, he hit a hundred in that thing?” and re-considering what now looks like an even more stupid Dodge-Charger purchase.

See, for example:

In fact, a quick googlin’ of “100 mph prius” got us page after page of “Wow!” and “Really?”, not to mention several questions about whether Radar Love was playing in the 8-track when they pulled him over.

All of which is great for a company that at least talks about putting the hybrid drivetrain in almost every car it makes — eventually.

By the by, can you all believe the variety of drugs this guy had? Even Quentin Tarantino would pop his head up from behind the camera and say “gee, you think 5 different drugs and pot is a little gratuitous?” It’s like AGIII was attempting some sort of viral get-noticed audition for Death Proof 2. He should have had Jules and Vincent lookalikes in the back seat, arguing about how to handle the Bonnie Situation.

If it weren’t for the Cray-Zee drugs scene in the glovebox, we’d have the makings of a green folk hero. Instead, we have a cautionary tale that’s also a Prius marketing bonanza.


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