From the Grey Lady Herself

Three stories from your New York Times today:

We’re having a back-and-forth over the whole global-warming thing with a fair-minded skeptic right here.  Check it out!  Mad russian scientists make an appearance. 

This is a fun article, about a guy who’s in a fight with his neighbors over the windmill he installed in his back yard.  It’s clean energy vs. NIMBYism, and a sign of the cultural maw between those who want to do something about clean energy and those who like to sound concerned and maybe buy some green hipness.

In an article that should make any self-respecting social conservative wince, the storied baseball bat is an endangered species.  Twin threats are looming over the white ash tree: invasive bugs and global warming.  The bugs kill the trees, and the ones that don’t die will produce flimsier wood, because warmer weather lets them grow faster. 

Providence is lining up to be the next New Orleans.  Yipes.  And, no lobsters!

Better news and more fun, next post.  We swear.


One Response to From the Grey Lady Herself

  1. 2008voter says:

    Just wanted to let you know I posted a reply to your last comment. Better late than never 🙂
    Looking forward to hear from you
    -Fair-Minded Skeptic

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