Should You Bother Seeing “11th Hour”?

You know already, global warming. It’s bad, we gotta do something, Al Gore had a movie, you can buy a hybrid and a locally-grown bag of tomatoes (they’re in season!). Congress was gonna pass some bill right?

Anyhow, you get the message. Do you really need to get it again?

The answer is: Go ahead — it’s not the downer you might think it is.

We scored a pass to a sneak preview of this flick, and almost felt like ducking out of what we thought might be yet another feel-bad Cassandra song. But we didn’t, and we’re very glad for it.

This flick is, with its combo of visuals and insights from an array of people both wise and smart, a great primer on why global warming is a problem, how bad a problem it is, and how we can fix it.

Some of its great strengths:

  • The movie’s take-away is about the opportunity to be part of a generation that fixes a great problem, not just self-disgust at what we’ve done and continue to do to our life-support system.
  • Rather than being as central to the film as Michael Moore might be, Leonardo DiCaprio is an occasional figure, who actually comes off as something of an everyman due to the camera work and his direct approach. As such, he’s more of an asset to the film than we expected.
  • This is the perfect intro for someone who’s really never thought much about the environment. If that’s you, go see this! If that’s your friend, take your friend.
  • The what-do-I-do energy that people have after a flick like this is answered by the film’s website, If you need any more tips, just green what’s right around you: switch your lightbulbs to CFL’s, go with low-flow showerheads, reduce reuse recycle, etc. You are your own best source of ideas — it’s amazing what you’ll think up in just a couple minutes.

So we recommend it!


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