Win Some, Lose Some and Too Little, Too Late

From around the web:

  • The Green Pope speaks, and looks less and less like the evil emperor from Return of the Jedi every time. At least to us.
  • George Bush’s efforts to study climate change to death (and thus do nothing about it) have inconceivably come under criticism. Almost as though he wasn’t really trying….
  • The Baiji might not be extinct, says a guy with a handicam on a Chinese river somewhere. Love the end of this story: the government built a reserve for this rare dolphin, but now can’t find any to put in it. (Insert Nelson Muntz laugh here.) Of course, if they find one or two now, what do they do? Put them in the reserve, which might actually make the wild population extinct? What do you do when there’s one left? Take pictures, that’s what — there’s nothing else to do.
  • The Big 6 automakers (Detroit plus Toyota, Honda, and Nissan) got a break when a judge threw out a $billions lawsuit by some crackpot who said they were responsible for damages due to global warming from their cars. What crazy, predatory, silk-suited shark plaintiff’s lawyer would dare to file such a — oh, wait. What? Oh. I see; turns out it was the California Attorney General’s office.
  • Hold on, hold on, hold on. What a sign of the times in California. Imagine the AG in Michigan files that suit — his kids will be hoisted up flagpoles by their undies every school day. But in Cali, suing the car companies for global warming is cool. AG’s often run for Governor, and Governors are good at becoming President. Even filing the suit says something about the where the state’s politics are with respect to climate change.
  • Hold on #2: We have to call BS on any state suing cars for too much emissions when it’s happily zoning more and more land for suburban sprawl, which means more driving, more car dependency, greater travel times, and more emissions. So here’s hoping Cali is plucking the beam from its own eye.
  • You SRI stockbuyers have another list to look at, of the 20 most sustainable companies out there. Thanks to Envirostats for the data.

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