Paris Hilton, Uhh, Well Just Read This

Paris Hilton is gonna Green Her Home.

Hard time does strange things to an inmate, but this is something else: they must do some pretty intense reprogramming at LA County. The Heiress came out a changed woman, apparently. Her itinerary, which used to be a continuous, half-conscious migration from thumping club to vacation town and back again, is now chock full of Angelina Jolie material.

Here’s a rundown of the next couple of months:

  • Shoot a movie called “Repo! The Genetic Opera” in Toronto (actually, not so Jolie, that)
  • Go to Rwanda (that’s right — Rwanda)
  • Go to other places like Rwanda, actual destinations TBA
  • Make her Beverly Hills house eco-friendly. (She said “green friendly”, actually, but you go girl, you’re on the right track.)

And there’s a quote about the green-living effort: “I just bought the house and haven’t been able to work on it yet,” Hilton said. “But I intend to.”

Now, the idea of Paris actually driving a nail, or in any other way working on her own house, just makes my head twitch from sheer impossibility. But if she’s serious (and isn’t taken in by some huckster who wafts incense around her house for $500 an hour), she could do for the green-living movement what she might do for Rwanda. Which could be quite a bit, considering people pay her $300k just to show up at places and not even say anything.

You scoffers must give respect to the silly young lady’s ability to drive traffic and attract cameras. Don’t believe me? Then answer this:who, really, would move more CFL’s by just holding one in front of a camera? Paris Hilton, or Al Gore? Paris Hilton, or Leonardo DiCaprio? Paris Hilton, or Ralph Nader?

Same answer, all three times. Now I go off to confidently await the highest visitor totals this blog has ever had, all because I wrote about Paris Hilton.


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