Too Hot, Too Fast

According to NASA, this summer was so hot in the Arctic that Canadian researchers are revamping their timetables for when climate change will really start to hurt.  (NYT covers it here.)

Melting permafrost, unfrozen (in some cases) for the first time in hundreds of years, slides down hills and gluts rivers. Water supplies to communities and ecosystems are blocked, or simply disappearing.

Arctic water supplies feed the rest of the continent, so big changes up north mean big changes here. If the potential devastation of vast stretches of pristine habitat doesn’t bother you, that’s one thing. But if the destabilization of water supplies doesn’t scare you, you’re a fool.

Make what difference you can — drive less, buy windpower from your utility, and get CFL’s like these or like these (the sale item) for every light fixture; they’re not ugly, really — and then get on your local government to do more. Is your city encouraging sprawl and car-dependency? Then fight it! Has it passed a law to require new homes and buildings be more energy-efficient? Push for these laws!

Inactivity is what the short-sighted pushers of our coal and oil habits are banking on. Doing nothing is a sin for which your kids will judge you.

Go! Do!


One Response to Too Hot, Too Fast

  1. angieupnorth says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself! I called my local energy company a few months back and told them I wanted to sign up for wind generated electiricty. The representative gave me the impreesion it would cost me an arm and a leg. Then she asked me what percentage of my bill I would like to be wind generated. I gulped and said “100% wind powered please”.

    She proceed to tell me – “OK since you chose 100% – you qualify for rebates to your electric bill and it will only cost you $3 to $5 per month more.

    I said “What?” Yip – I am reducing my carbon footprint for such a small cost.

    Bravo! Keep Doin!!

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