Go Green, Escape the Poors

The libtards at the NYT (I read too much Wonkette) brings us the triumphal story of a simple band of second-home-owning urbanites who rose up and beat back the monster of thoughtless ex-urban sprawl.  They did it to keep their country homes, well, country.  But hey the result was nice!  They pushed through some volvo-hippie zoning rules, resulting in very high acreage of organic herbs per capita.

Outside Atlanta, a Utopia Rises

And here’s their own site:


This is green living for the cotillion set.  They do a lot of good greenie things, but they sure do remain class-exclusive in the process.  They got no sidewalks (I call an eco foul), because come on, these people ain’t walkin’.  And their little roads with no shoulders mean they don’t want anybody who’s gotta walk.  So the green efforts are good, but this community’s no example you’d want to use as a prototype.

I like how the NYT got a travel guy to go report on a community that’s trying to be green.  So while the planners are doing work on community design, sustainability, and protecting open space, this Park-Slope-snubbing ascoted Fauntleroy is too busy swooning over the gourmet grocer and the “red velvet cupcakes” to notice.  They couldn’t have sent Kevin Sack to some vineyard somewhere, and sent their green crew to cover this place more seriously?

Update: Eh; maybe I’m too hard on ol’ K-Sack.  After all, it’s a victory to get urbanite foodies to think of their hobby in an enviro context, rather than just as a fancy commodity.  Since this guy mentions zoning more often than terroir, let’s call this a victory.

And I guess I gotta take back the “ascoted Fauntleroy” swipe.  Unless it was true, in which case, I totally called it.

Update 2: Sack, it turns out, won like thirty Pulitzers for racism and stuff (sorry, for stories on racism and stuff) and apparently knows a lot about everything.  So I guess I totally did not call it.  My bad.  Sack’s a heavyweight, it turns out.  But still: how does such a guy descend to fawning over a row of cute doodad-shops?


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